Skateistan has 60+ staff worldwide, and dozens more volunteers. You can find out information about our international staff here.

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Pisey Kosal Pisey Kosal

Pisey was born in Cambodia in 1982. He holds two masters degrees, one in Photography and another in Law and Finance Development. Pisey has worked in numerous sectors including photography, communications, tourism, and international development. He was instrumental in helping Skateistan Cambodia establish NGO status. Pisey thinks that "Skateistan is an example of a way to integrate marginalized youth and to give them a role in the development of their country."
Benjamin Pecquer

Benjamin Pecqueur
Operations Manager - Phnom Penh

Benjamin first began working with Skateistan to found Skateistan Cambodia in 2011. Before starting with Skateistan, Benji had been working in Cambodia for over four years as the Public Relations and Events Manager for an international NGO working with street-working children. He graduated with a higher technical marketing degree in Toulouse, France, in 2001. He was the first to bring skateboarding to a Cambodian school, in 2011. Benjamin was born in France, and spent 10 years living and skating in Marseille.

All general inquiries about the Skateistan Cambodia project should be directed to Benji, who can be contacted at: or +855 (0) 77 367 227

Kov Chansangva (Tin) Kov Chansangva (Tin)
Education Coordinator

Tin was born in Cambodia and graduated from Derm Tkov high school in 2012. She is the Skate and Programs Assistant for Skateistan Cambodia. She began as a Skateistan student at a partner NGO called Tiny Toones.  She says, “she is very happy that she can skateboard and work for Skateistan Cambodia and its focus on using skateboarding.”  She really enjoys working with Skateistan and wants to help give street children a chance to do skateboarding in Cambodia.

Tin can be contacted at: 

Rath Chansopheakna Rath Chansopheakna
Sport Coordinator

Chansopheakna (Pheakna) was born in Cambodia. He graduated from PSE, majoring in Construction in 2012. He is now a Skate and Classrooms Instructor. He had been involved with skateboarding since 2011 through PSE. He said, "I think that skateboarding is the new sport in Cambodia, and when I play it, my stresses are released". Before joining Skateistan, he worked as a breakdance teacher at PSE. He likes to work with kids, and especially wants them to enjoy skateboarding as much as he does.


Kong Sovannarah

'Rah' grew up in Phnom Penh city. His parents passed away when he was 6 years old so he lived with his uncle and aunt. He used to be a  dance teacher at the Tiny Toones NGO. He found out about Skateistan from his friend and then it became his dream to work with Skateistan 
because he wants to help give children the opportunity to study and to share something new and exciting in Cambodia. In his spare time, he likes to read books, listen to hip hop and break dance.


Nong Sreymoch (Nhouen)
Teacher and Finance Assistant 

19-year-old Nhouen was born in Kompong Thom province in Cambodia and now studies at the Human Rights University. She started skating as a student 2 years ago when she was working at our partner organization, Cambodian Women’s Development Agency (CWDA). She volunteered at Skateistan Camboida for 3 months in 2014, then took a break to study and finish school. At the beginning of 2015, she started volunteering again. Then in April, she became part time staff. “Skateistan is a great opportunity for me,” she says.

Lauren Della Marta Lauren Della Marta
Communications and Development Officer

Lauren grew up in Sydney, Australia and skated as a kid before getting into surfing and snowboarding as a teacher. Now she's working on getting her ollies back on track. She aims to use her degrees in Media, Journalism and Graphic Design to help develop Skateistan’s projects in Cambodia and internationally.

Lauren can be contacted at or +855 (0) 788 949 33 

Chara Soeung
Programs Officer

Chara was born and raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She holds a bachelor degree in English Literature and is currently completing her master's degree in Law. Chara worked as a development facilitator for more than four years and has also worked as a child protection trainer for for international NGOs. She hopes to bring her experience to work with Skateistan and improve the programs in Cambodia.

Chara can be contacted at

Rattanak Samnang
Administration Assistant and Teacher

Rattanak (aka 'Lucky') grew up in the Banteay Menchey province and moved to Phnom Penh to finish his university degree in Administration. Around the same time, he quickly became a regular Skateistan student. Now he teaches his own classes. “The first time was scary because I had never taught students before, so I learnt a lot from Mr Nup and Mr Pheakna and Ms Tin,” he says. In his spare time Rattanak listens to Hip Hop music, reads books and draws. But mostly, his spare time is dedicated to the skatepark. “I want to skate everyday,” he says, “I love it.”

Rattanak can be contacted at:

Savourn Savourn
Cleaning and Maintenance

Savourn has been with Skateistan Cambodia since the very beginning. Her daughter was one of our first students. At first Savourn was pretty scared of skateboards, but she wanted her daughter to try it because she knew our instructors were great role models. Savourn keeps the skatepark and guesthouse clean and tidy as well as cooking the occasional meal for the staff. Her signature dish is a delicious traditional Khmai noodle curry.



Introduced to Skateistan by her mother (above), Savody has been a skatepark regular for the past few years. She considers all the local and international staff her friends and is very happy to be helping out in the classroom and around the park. Savody is currently in grade ten and attends school five mornings a week. In the evenings she learns English. It’s her favourite subject and when she is older, she plans on becoming an English teacher herself.