Skateistan Cambodia has taken advantage of the abundance of NGOs in Cambodia, forming dedicated partnerships with a number of best practices local organizations working with youth. These organizations provide comprehensive services including education, counseling, shelter, and health services to various target youth groups, including youth with disabilities, youth from low-income families, and youth at risk of exploitation or trafficking.

Skateistan Cambodia works with partner organizations both within our facility and in street outreach activities, using the draw of skateboarding to connect youth with essential services.

By working in close partnership with these organizations, Skateistan Cambodia is able to:

  • a) guarantee that we reach our target groups, and provide services to the youth who need them the most
  • b) use skateboarding as a “hook” to encourage youth to access the comprehensive services provided by these organizations (including education and healthcare)
  • c) provide a referral service to youth who are not already aware of or able to access these services, so that they can benefit from our partnerships
  • d) receive consulting services from larger and more established NGOs to ensure that we maintain best practices

Skateistan Cambodia’s current partners are:

  • The Cambodian Women’s Development Agency
  • Damnok Toek
  • Friends International
  • Pour un Sourire D’Enfant
  • Tiny Toones
  • Transitions Global

Kep Skate Jam 2013

Srey Pich doesn't mess around.

Last weekend Skateistan Cambodia packed up 11 girls and 7 boys, all our staff, plus a whole car full of speakers, luggage, DJ equipment, and enough boards and gear for everyone and made the trek down to the coastal town of Kep to skate a now-infamous bowl in the middle of the Cambodian Jungle.

This was the second of what we hope to be annual Skateistan competitions at Jasmine Valley Eco Resort, and we were blown away by the amount that everyone has progressed since this time last year.

CWDA Girls Shred Olympic Stadium

Over the last few months, we have been holding the occasional skate session with some of the young women from the Cambodian Women’s Development Agency’s safe shelter in Phnom Penh. This week we held the first of our now regular weekly sessions with the girls at the Olympic Stadium. Chanthou and Tin were awesome instructors and translators as usual, and the girls got to skate some of our wooden banks and kickers for the first time.

PSE Skateboard Park Reopens at Long Last!

After two long awaited months the skateboard park at PSE reopened on February 17th sporting a new roof and smooth concrete floor!  

The Skateistan crew, PSE students and fellow friends came out to help move the ramps back in place!  A lot of smiles and shredding went down.  BBC was also on hand to film a segment featuring two of our PSE rippers, brothers Sophanit and Sophany.  

Check back soon to see a link to the footage and interviews!

TSG's Skateistan Pads Arrive

Last week, 17 new full sets of TSG Skateistan co-branded safety gear were recently brought over to Skateistan Cambodia to replace the old safety pads which were falling apart and no longer functional. The TSG pads, which include junior sizes for the smallest students, were brought out for the first time during a session at Friends/Mith Samlang NGO to the excitement of the kids. Safety pads are impossible to find locally, and many had never used wristguards before, so were trying to use them as elbowpads or kneepads instead.

A portion of the proceeds of sales of the co-branded safety gear goes directly towards Skateistan’s programming with children. So a big thank you has to go out to the guys and girls at TSG from everyone at Skateistan Cambodia and all the skater kids of Phnom Penh.

For more photos of the kids in their new gear, click here.