GIN Youth Conference Recap #5: Leaving for Phnom Penh and Tin's final words

Tin at Changi airport

In Tin’s words

“Saying goodbye was bittersweet. I was looking forward to seeing my family and Khmer food again, but I wondered when the next time would be that I’ll see everyone I met again.”

The traveling was long with a 2 and a half hour layover in Singapore which was spent in the airport sprawled on a couch watching TV while some of us edited photos from the trip.

Once arrived in Phnom Penh, we immediately got stuck in traffic while crammed in a tuk-tuk (also known as a rickshaw) with all of our bags and luggage. Good ol’ Phnom Penh.

GIN Youth Conference Recap #4: Presentation Day!

Tin speaking about her experience with Skateistan Cambodia in front of the GIN Youth Conference attendees.

In Tin’s Words

“I was prepared. In the morning, I told myself that I had to do well so the students who were attending can learn about the importance of Skateistan. I wanted to represent us well and do us proud."

Showing up early at Canggu’s Community School as the Skateistan team, we donated one of our Skateistan books to Kayti for her classroom in hopes of inspiring more students to skateboard and use it as a tool for education and empowerment.

GIN Youth Conference Recap #3: Official kick-off and "Skate Motivate" day

Drum ceremony

The very next day, we arrived to the school just in time for the traditional opening ceremony, which got kicked off by lighting incense, hitting a gong, and a performance by the Canggu Community School’s grade 6 drummers. There was a short welcoming address before Kayti called the speakers on stage: Tin, Rob, Scott, Martyn, and Nila.

GIN Youth Conference Recap #2: Meets & Greets

Canggu Community School campus

We all woke up fairly early to have breakfast together. By 8AM, we were at Canggu Community School to get a student-guided tour of the campus and meet with other people involved with GIN. We were led by students who were excited to show us around; they had high enthusiasm and leadership quality, and only great things to say about their faculty. We got a good sense of where we would have our presentations, and who we will be working with for the next two days.

GIN Youth Conference Recap #1: Dream No More, Tin's First Travel

GIN Youth Conference

The beginning of October was to be an exciting month for one of our skate instructors and youth leaders Kov Chansangva, better known as Tin. She was invited to join the Global Initiatives Networking (GIN) Youth Conference in Bali back in July when organizers Kayti Denham and Robi Navicula came to visit our facility in Cambodia on a Volcom sponsored trip.


This is the first year the GIN Youth Conference was held in Bali. The conference runs over two days and combine activities with presentations from young people who are working in areas of humanitarian, environmental, and educational progression. With international keynote speakers and action events, this conference was aiming to be the best experience covering global issues for the youths attending at Canggu Community School.​


The Skateistan team was to participate in "Skate Educate" activities where skateboarding is used as a tool for education and empowerment, and Tin was invited as a speaker representing Skateistan Cambodia.