Skateistan is not just about skateboarding. For every hour spent in the skatepark, students spend an hour in the classroom to learn through arts-based education.

  • Stories
  • Character Cards
  • Theater
  • Skateboard Collages
  • Exhibition
  • Prince Claus Fund

Khmer Storytelling curriculum

The genocidal Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s destroyed not only the livelihoods and families of millions of Cambodian people, but also systematically attacked Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage. Cambodia continues to rebuild and is currently experiencing an artistic revival. In a country where rote learning is the norm, Skateistan Cambodia creates a positive environment for Cambodian youth to explore their culture, and develop their physical, artistic, and critical thinking abilities.

As part of Skateistan Cambodia’s arts-based education this year, students discovered storytelling and traditional Cambodian oral histories. The education unit, supported by the Prince Claus Fund, consisted of four creative projects - students recorded their own stories, reenacted though theater, created art pieces to tell their story using portraiture and made skateboard collages. The curriculum provided Cambodian youth with a platform for sharing their voice.

About the Prince Claus Fund: The Prince Claus Fund supports projects that strive for transformation of different realities and positive change. It seeks creative and innovative ideas that promote equality and opportunity. It focuses on promoting art and culture that seek re-imagine possibilities. By creating a space for dialogue and critical thinking, a positive impact can be made in societies.