Skateboarding and Education for Youth Empowerment!

Skateistan is an award-winning international non-profit organization that uses skateboarding and education for youth empowerment. Through their innovative programs, Skate and Create and Youth Leadership, Skateistan aims to give youth the opportunity to become leaders for a better world.


What We Do



Skate and create

Skateistan Cambodia provides a safe and supportive environment for youth to learn and build self-esteem through self-expression. Our arts-based classes are an excellent forum for youth to express their opinions on the issues that concern them and share their visions for the future.

Youth Leadership

Creating leaders who change the world. The Youth Leadership initiative helps exceptional youth reach their potential to become positive role models for hundreds of other Skateistan students, and to initiate positive community projects of their own.

Cultural Exchanges

The cultural exchange program brings together youth from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to exchange experiences, opinions, art, and multimedia creations through photography, video and Skype. Skateistan Cambodia also takes part in events abroad, giving youth leaders the chance to expand their horizons.

Disabled Skateboarding

Skateistan recognizes the extraordinary capacity of children with disability to succeed in sport and their need to be included in the skateboarding community. Around 30 of Skateistan Cambodia’s students are physically or intellectually disabled and participate in skate sessions on a regular basis, engaging positively and creating friendships with students of all backgrounds, regardless of skills or appearance.




Skateistan reaches out to street-involved children who come from very low-income families in some of Cambodia’s most at-risk communities in Phnom Penh. By using skateboarding as a tool for engagement, Skateistan is able to provide better opportunities for the future of street-working children by creating access to social support networks.