Kep Skate Jam 2013

Srey Pich doesn't mess around.

Last weekend Skateistan Cambodia packed up 11 girls and 7 boys, all our staff, plus a whole car full of speakers, luggage, DJ equipment, and enough boards and gear for everyone and made the trek down to the coastal town of Kep to skate a now-infamous bowl in the middle of the Cambodian Jungle.

This was the second of what we hope to be annual Skateistan competitions at Jasmine Valley Eco Resort, and we were blown away by the amount that everyone has progressed since this time last year.

We left bright and early at 7 AM on Saturday morning, bellies full of the traditional Cambodian breakfast of pork, rice, and eggs. On arrival everyone dropped their gear, had lunch, and got right to practicing in the bowl for the big competition. Participation in the contest was optional, but we were stoked to see that all of our students registered to compete. All the students’ performances were met with cheers and support from their peers, regardless of skill level. This was Skateistan Cambodia’s first field trip involving students from multiple different partner organizations and classes, bringing together a diverse group of youths that would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet or skate together.

DJ Major Taylor kept us entertained with some awesome tunes and a dazzling personality to match.

Skateistan Cambodia would like to extend a sincere thank you to Jasmine Valley Eco Resort for providing us all with beautiful accommodation in a serene setting, delicious food, and all the hospitality we could ever hope for. We would also like to thank our partner organization Pour un Sourire D’Enfant for their assistance with transportation.

Contest results:


  1. Pisey
  2. Srey Pich
  3. Srey Nyeurn


  1. Dit
  2. Rotha
  3. Sopanith

Best slam:

Most sportsmanlike:


On the road bright and early at 7 AM.

Spectators and some anxious contestants.

Enjoying the sunshine.

Jasmine Valley staff member Dit getting seriously high up in the deep end. 

Sopanith and his adoring fans.

Getting used to the new spot.

Srey Pich joins the paparazzi.

The whole crew celebrating a great event.

When they weren't skating, everyone enjoyed the water.

Reading and relaxing.

This was some students' first visit to the ocean!