Support Skateistan Cambodia by making a donation. If you are in Phnom Penh and would like to make a donation in-person please e-mail

Skateistan Cambodia is currently funded by the fundraising efforts of Skateistan entities around the world. 

Choose Where Your Money Goes: One way to direct your donation specifically to a Skateistan Cambodia project need is by donating using our donation form. This option lets you choose how your donation is used and there are no costs associated with using this site.

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PayPal Donation

10 USD – Transport for 10 students for 2 weeks
50 USD – Monthly skate supplies
80 USD – Monthly learning and arts supplies
450 USD – 1 laptop for classrooms




PayPal Donation

You can also set up a monthly donation with PayPal to become a partner in Skateistan’s year-round skateboard and creative arts programming in Cambodia and Afghanistan. It can be canceled at any time.

Payment options for monthly donations:


Monetary Donations: Tax-deductable donations that will go towards supporting Skateistan's efforts on the ground can only be made in Germany (by using our main donation form and the single PayPal donation form) and the USA (monthly PayPal donation form), though we are currently working on getting non-profit status in Cambodia.

Equipment Donations: If you are interested in donating skateboarding equipment or other supplies please be aware that due to the significant complications with shipping to Cambodia we only accept donations of new products. If you have something that might be useful for our activities please e-mail

Shipping Assistance:If you or your organization can help us with shipping to/from Cambodia, big or small, please e-mail us.