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Royal Palace Field Trip

Over 40 Skateistan Cambodia students set out to explore the King’s residence at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh! Students from all different skatepark sessions got to meet each other for the first time, and we saw many friendships start to form.

Savourn's Story

Savourn has been working at Skateistan Cambodia since the very beginning, so she is kind of like our adopted mother. Here she shares her story about life in Phnom Penh and her experience with Skateistan.

"The first time I saw skateboarding I was really scared, but I still wanted my daughter to try it. I saw that there were teachers to help my daughter and build her confidence."  - Savourn

Art History Field Trip

A group of 20 students from different Skateistan classes recently set off an art history field trip to explore the Cambodian National Museum.

“I felt happy to make a lot of friends with students I had never met before.” - Srey Sao, Skateistan Cambodia student