World's First Tuk Tuk Skate Ramp

The Skateistan tuk tuk skate ramp is the first of its kind in the world. We are very proud to present this amazing transformation from a tuk tuk (a common mode of transport in Cambodia) to a mobile skatepark. Nup, one of our Skate Instructors, drove the tuk tuk skate ramp to its new home at Skateistan Cambodia.

The new tuk tuk will be used to develop the Skateistan Cambodia Street Outreach program, to connect with street-involved children who come from very low-income families in some of Cambodia’s most at-risk communities. Skateistan Cambodia conducts weekly Street Outreach sessions with partner organization Friends-International, who provide essential social services like doctors and school enrollment.

Cambodia has the youngest population in Southeast Asia. Engagement in child labor and street involvement is one of the biggest social issues for youth, as it also makes them vulnerable to the influence of drugs, trafficking and abuse. Without a stable home and place in society, many Cambodian children are forced to spend their days on the city streets begging for money or turning to crime to support their families instead of attending school. By using skateboarding as a tool for engagement, Skateistan is able to provide better opportunities for the future of street working children.

A huge thanks to Building Trust International who designed the tuk tuk skate ramp - it was great to see the young Khmer students helping out. Once the design was finalized, it was over to the workshop. Everyone thought we were crazy. Since skateboarding is so new in Cambodia, locals don’t have much experience building ramps, let alone ramps attached to a tuk tuk! Finally, a local builder came on board and in just three weeks it was ready. With two curved ramps, one flat ramp plus a mini box, the whole set up is perfect for progression and to keep our students stoked.


The existing trailer was disassembled while still maintaining all the mechanical bike parts. A new frame was attached to support the ramps. The box inside trebles up as storage for skateboards and safety gear.


When we were first approached to help with the design for a mobile skate ramp we jumped at the chance. It brings together some of the key aspects of design like problem solving, providing new solutions and quite literally thinking outside the box. All things that our own not profit organisation believe are as important as Skateistan. Two young female Cambodian Building Trust International volunteers worked on the drawings and oversaw the construction with the Skateistan team helping to create not only an opportunity to connect play with local underprivileged children but also a vehicle that can drive home the importance of Skateistans work! 

- David Cole, Director of Building Trust International


The original Skateistan Cambodia tuk tuk.


Phase 1: Tuk tuk trailer is disassembled at the workshop and frame is upgraded.

Metal frames for the ramps are built, stored inside the local workshop.

Coping is attached to the skate ramp.

Fitting the ramps on to the tuk tuk. 

Making some sparks fly.

Putting the wood together.

Mr Vanna with his masterpiece.


The other side!

Tin, Skateistan Cambodia's Education Coordinator, tries it out for the first time.

Nup too!

We can’t wait to see the new tuk tuk skate ramp in action during our Street Outreach program. 


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