Why Skateistan Celebrates Women's Day

On March 8th, Skateistan (and the world!) celebrated International Women’s Day. Almost 40% of our students at Skateistan Cambodia are girls, and we work extremely hard to accommodate our young female students in Cambodia, so this important day is close to our hearts.

Providing girls with the opportunity to learn, play and grow is one of our biggest motivations for doing what we do. We believe that this is an absolute necessity in the countries where we work – where girls lag behind boys in education as children, and economically as adults.

Why does this matter?

  • There are 66 million girls out of school globally

  • Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send thier own children to school

  • In Cambodia, traditional attitudes towards girls' education and ‘appropriate occupations’ still exist. Opportunities for women are much more limited and wages much lower

  • There are over 15 million people in Cambodia, and more than half are under the age of 25. The enrollment ratio in primary school in Cambodia is 15.8% for girls. In upper secondary school, the enrollment rate is 28% for both girls and boys, just 22.7% for girls

​So, what did we do to celebrate International Women's Day in Cambodia?

Over 60 youth came to the skatepark where our youth leaders hosted a party for all of our students, with skateboarding, art workshops, a hip hop demonstration, and even a limbo contest! Each activity was a created to raise awareness about gender gaps and the situation for girls in Cambodia.

Skateistan Cambodia female youth leader Tin spoke to the group about women’s issues in Cambodia.

“[It] was exciting to make a speech, to share with children what I find important for me. I am excited to make them happy, that was the most important for me."

- Tin, Skateistan Education Coordinator

Tin using the improv mic to give her speech

We were really excited to see how well the Skateistan Cambodia youth leaders organized and managed this event.

Both girls and boys were invited play skateboard limbo, a particularly fun game set up by Pheakna, Skateistan's Sports Coordinator. Just as popular, the painting activities in which every student was keen to participate.

“It was heavy for me to manage everything, but at the end of the workshop I was very proud to see what the children made and how I managed the situation. I feel very grateful to Skateistan for increasing my knowledge."

- Nhoeun, Skateistan Youth Leader and Skate Instructor

Painting a themed mural together for Women's Day

Dance performance in honor of Women's Day

Kids of all ages had a turn!

To end this years International Women's Day celebration, hip-hip, DJ and skate demonstrations were performed by students and teachers. 

Skateistan is really proud to see that an increasing number of girls feel more and more confident, and will work hard to keep motivating girls to participate in sport and education. 


Do you believe that girls should have equal access to sport and education?