Skateistan Puts on a Demo at Koh Pich

This past weekend, Skateistan Cambodia and some of the students and monitors from our partner organization PSE (Pour un Sourire D’enfant) put on a demo at OneTV’s Big Bang event in Koh Pich.

We went all out and brought some of the biggest ramps from the new park, as well as a box and some kickers. Even though most of the kids had never skated anything so big before, they barely batted an eye before flying through the course and seriously throwing down. The crowd was blown away by the students’ abilities - We definitely stole the show! Meanwhile, some of the local staff manned our Skateistan booth, handing out leaflets left and right. We had an amazing time and all the students were really excited to show off their skills to the impressed spectators.

If you want to see the the Skateistan kids shredding more ramps like these, please visit our page on Betterplace to make a donation! You can choose your favorite ramp and donate to its construction.

Sophanat hits the kicker for the crowd.

Rachhana shows some of the boys how it's done.