Outreach Child Rights Events

We are combining education with skateboarding sessions at Skateistan Cambodia. Child Rights is the first topic in a series of special events led entirely by Skateistan Youth Leaders in order to reach some of Phnom Penh’s most vulnerable children at our regular Street Outreach sessions.


UNCEF’s very first Violence Against Children survey in Cambodia was released last year and provides the first national estimates of the magnitude and nature of violence experienced by girls and boys in Cambodia. The research, summarized in this video found that violence is a significant problem in childhood in Cambodia, with over half of children experiencing at least one form of violence before the age of 18.

Roughly a quarter of Cambodian children are emotionally abused and 5 per cent experience some form of sexual abuse prior to age 18. Physical, emotional and sexual violence can occur multiple times in childhood and more than three quarters of Cambodian children reported more than one incident of violence prior to age 18.

Violence erodes the strong foundation that children need for leading healthy and productive lives and violates the fundamental rights of children to a safe childhood. By teaching children and their parents about their rights, we hope to eliminate some of the prevailing violence against children in Cambodia.


Skateistan youth leaders act as positive role models for students and the community. They are the leaders passing on valuable information to the younger generation and their parents.

At each event, the Skateistan team will teach students the main rights of a child – the right to survive, the right to protection, the right to development and the right to participation. Students are then tested on their knowledge in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Prizes (notebooks and school supplies) are awarded for the best answers. Some of Skateistan Cambodia’s instructors are amazing hip-hop dancers, so before the skateboarding begins we warm up with a dance demo!

“I think it’s an important message we are sending the children about their rights. I am especially happy that the students parents were listening and really appreciated learning about the rights of their children.”

- Pheakna, Sports Coordinator at Skateistan Cambodia

The first Street Outreach Child Rights event with our partner organization Friends-International.

Answering questions about child rights.

Impressed by youth leader dance skills.

Nhouen giving out the prizes.

A talented singer emerges from the group!

We haven't forgotten the fun part - skateboarding!

Teamwork when putting on the safety gear.

Pheakna, demonstrating the limbo game.

Smiles all around.

Lining up for some snacks after the session!

Teaching everyone a little bit about what Skateistan is.

A crowded day at the pagoda!

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