Cambodian Urban Art Field Trip

On May 6 this year, Skateistan Cambodia’s Wednesday afternoon class went on a field trip to the French Institute in Phnom Penh to see the Cambodian Urban Art exhibition.

We're extremely proud of Rattanak, Skateistan Cambodia Instructor and Admininstration Assistant, who had one of his skateboard designs on display at the exhibition, alongside professional street artists!

The Skateistan exhibition featured the first skateboards made in Cambodia by our students (with Roarockit technology) and decorated by Cambodian and International street artists.

Skateistan students were excited to see the boards they made together up on display! They were also very enagaged on their guided tour of the street art by local artists lining the walls; Chifumi, Théo Vallier, Peap Tarr, Lisa Mam, Tones, David Myers, Kimchean Koy, Venk, Eltono.

Skateistan Cambodia’s art-based education program teaches all kinds of creative art projects using various medium and techniques such as street art, painting, arts and crafts, stencils, photography and video.

The students were all inspired by the amazing street art they saw at the exhibition!

Inside the French Institute!

Learning about different styles, and the artist's inspiration.

Rattanak taking a quick snapshot of his board design, the Khmer giant!

Skateistan's Wednesday afternoon class!

French artist Chifumi, his art is featured in the skatepark!

To the right - hand painted on rusted metal by Théo Vallier whose art is also featured in the skatepark!

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